Tableware & Crockery
                Athena Narrow Rim Plate 165mm (12)
                Athena Narrow Rim Plate 226mm (12)
                Athena Narrow Rim Plate 254mm (12)
                Athena Wide Rim Plate 165mm (12)
                Athena Wide Rim Plate 202mm (12)
                Athena Wide Rim Plate 254mm (12)
                Genware Classic Winged Plate 280mm (12)
                Genware Coupe Plate 300mm (12)
                Genware Ellipse Platter 270mm (6)
                Genware Oval Plate 310mm (12)
                Olympia Whiteware Narrow Rimmed Plates 250mm (12)
                Olympia Whiteware Narrow Rimmed Plates 280mm (6)
                Olympia Whiteware Narrow Side Plates 150mm (12)
                Olympia Whiteware Wide Rimmed Plate 280mm (6)
                Olympia Whiteware Wide Rimmed Plates 202mm (12)
                Olympia Whiteware Wide Rimmed Plates 310mm (6)
                Stoneware Black Square Plate 260mm (12)
                Stoneware Black Wide Rim Plate 305mm (12)
                Terra Aqua Blue Coupe Plate 305mm (12)
                Terra Aqua Blue Rectangular Platter 300mm (6)
                Athena Oatmeal Bowl 153mm (12)
                Athena Stacking Soup Bowl 160mm (12)
                Athena Wide Rim Soup Bowl 228mm (12)
                Genware Lion Head Soup Bowl 14oz (12)
                Genware Organic Triangular Bowl 127mm (12)
                Genware Pasta Dish 250mm (12)
                Genware Rice Bowl 100mm (12)
                Genware Salad Dish 200mm (12)
                Genware Sloping Bowl 160mm (12)
                Terra Aqua Blue Coupe Bowl 275mm (6)
                Athena Cappuccino Cup 10oz (12)
                Athena Mugs 10oz (12)
                Athena Stacking cup 7oz (24)
                Cappuccino Saucers 145mm (24)
                Genware Bowl Shaped Cup 14oz (12)
                Genware Coffee Mug 10½oz (12)
            Cutlery Tray Grey
            Kelso Dessert Spoon
            Kelso Table Fork
            Kelso Table Knife
            Keslo Soup Spoon
            Keslo Tea Spoon
            Olympia Harley Dessert Knives
            Olympia Harley Dessert Spoon
            Olympia Harley Soup Spoon
            Olympia Harley Table Fork
            Olympia Harley Table Knives
            Olympia Harley Teaspoon
            Stainless Steel Cutlery Holder
            Steak Fork Black
            Steak Knife Black
       Table Service
            Acacia Serving Board 360mm x 180mm
            Anti slip Tray 14"
            Athena Milk Jug 6oz
            Beech Veneer Tray 460 x 340mm
            Eiffel Tower Salt Pepper
            Fast FoodTray 18 x 14
            Food Compartment Tray Small
            Glass Vinegar Shaker
            Jumbo Salt and Pepper Set
            Mahogany Veneer Tray
            Nostalgia Salt and Pepper Shaker
            Oblaong Anti-slip tray
            Olive Wood Rustic Platter
            Olympia Tea or Coffee Pot 15oz
            Pepper Shaker
            Presentation Basket Square
            Presentation Paper
            PVC Mats
            Room Service Tray
            Round Serving Basket
            Salt or Pepper Shaker
            Salt Shaker
            Serving Basket Round
            Serving Bucket
            Square Table Mat Wood
            Stainless Steel Serving Bucket
       Menus & Table Cloths
       Buffet & Beverage Displays
Glassware & Barware
       Wine Glasses
            Olympia Cordoba Wine Glass 12oz (Pack 6)
            Olympia Cordoba Wine Glass 14 3/4oz (Pack 6)
            Olympia Mendoza Wine Glass 11oz (Pack 6)
            Olympia Mendoza Wine Glasses 16oz (Pack 6)
            Olympia Solar Wine Glasses 11oz (Pack 48)
            Olympia Solar Wine Glasses 8½oz (Pack 48)
       Beer Glasses
            Arcoroc Pilsner Glass 285ml (Pack 48)
            Arcoroc Tulip Beer Glass 570ml (Pack 48)
            Arcoroc Ultimate Beer Glass 570ml (Pack 24)
            Utopia Cin Cin Tall Beer Glass 410ml (Pack 12)
       Hiballs & Tumblers
            Olympia Crystal Hi Ball Glass 385ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Old Duke Glass Tumbler 350ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Old Duke Whiskey Glass 295ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Rocks Tumbler 285ml (Pack 48)
            Olympia Rosario Tumbler 470ml (Pack 6)
       Cocktail Glasses
            Olympia Crystal Hurricane Glass 340ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Crystal Margarita Glass 250ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Crystal Martini Glass 275ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Handled Jam Jar Glass 450ml (Pack 12)
            Olympia Claro One Champagne Flute 260ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Cordoba Flutes 210ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Mendoza Flute 185ml (Pack 6)
            Olympia Solar Champagne Flutes 170ml (Pack 48)
       Bar Accessories
            Polar Bottle Cooler
            Polar Silver Bottle Cooler
       Chef Knives
            Bread Knife 8"
            Chef Knife 8½"
            Hygiplas Colour Coded Knife Set and Wallet
            Hygiplas Cook's Knife 10"
            Hygiplas Cooks Knife 6½"
            Vogue Two Stage Knife Sharpener
       Catering Trolleys
            Moffat Twin Stack Heated Plate Dispenser
            Poly Prop Large Trolley
            Tray Clearing Trolley 10 cap
            Vogue Clearing Trolley Large
            Vogue Aluminium Bakewell Pan 320mm
            Vogue Aluminium Baking Dish 470mm
            Vogue Aluminium Baking Sheet 370mm
            Vogue Deep Roasting Pan 610mm
            Vogue Non Stick Frying Pan 240mm
            Vogue Non Stick Frying Pan 300mm
            Vogue SS Stew Pan 18½ltr
            Vogue SS Stew Pan 7ltr
            Chopping Boards 18" x 12"
            Hygiplas Colour Coded Knife Set and Wallet
            Perforated Serving Spoon 11"
            Set of Chopping Boards
            Stainless Steel Portioner Size 16
            Stainless Steel Portioner Size 24
            Stainless Steel Portioner Size 8
            Vogue Bench Can Opener 20"
            Vogue Chip Scoop
            Vogue Ladle 180ml
            Vogue Serving Spoon with Hook 355mm
            Vogue Skimmer 4"
            Vogue Small Fish Slice
       Food Storage
            Ice Cream Container Lids (60)
            Ice Cream Containers 2ltr (20)
            Ice Cream Containers 4ltr (20)
            Vogue Ingredient Bin 7½ltr
            Vogue Ingredient Bin with Scoop 102ltr
            Vogue Polycarbonate 1/1 Gastro 200mm
            Vogue Polycarbonate 1/1 Gastro Lid
            Vogue Polycarbonate 1/2 Gastro 65mm
            Vogue Polycarbonate 1/2 Gastro Lid
            Vogue Polycarbonate Container 45ltr
            Vogue Polycarbonate Lid
            Vogue Round Container Bin 76ltr
       GN Pans
            Stainless Steel Gastronorm Lid
            Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan 1/2
            Stainless steel gastronorm pan 1/3
            Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan 2 /3
            Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pans 1/1
       Baking Supplies
            Hygiplas Temp Probe
            Vogue Anodised Aluminium Baking Tray 320mm
            Vogue Anodised Aluminium Baking Tray 420mm
            Vogue Carbon Non Stick Muffin Tray 12 Cup
            Vogue Carbon Non Stick Yorkshire Pudding Tray
            Vogue Cooling Rack 330 x 530mm
            Vogue Non Stick Loaf Tin 255mm
            Vogue Spring Form Cake Tin 200mm
            Vogue Spring Form Cake Tin 240mm
       Oven Gloves & Tea Towels
            Double Oven Glove 36"
            Vogue Flame Retardant Oven Mitt 17"
            Vogue Heavy Blue Tea Towel
            Vogue Heavy Red Tea Towel
            Vogue Wonderdry Blue Tea Towels (10)
            Vogue Wonderdry Red Tea Towels (10)
       Stainless Steel Tables & Sinks
            Vogue Double Potwash Sink
            Vogue Double Sink 1500mm
            Vogue Stainless Steel Centre Bench 600mm
            Vogue Stainless Steel Sink 1000mm
            Wash Hand Basin
            Wash Hand Basin Taps
       Kitchen Storage & Shelving
            Metal Wire Wall Shelf 910mm
            Stainless Steel Wall Shelf 900mm
            Storage Bin
            Vogue 4 Tier Shelving Kit 1525mm
            Vogue 4 Tier Shelving Kit 910mm
       Kitchen Signs
Devapo Ovens
        Devapo Midi
        Nano Combi Oven
       Cooking Appliances
            Bratt Pan
            Buffalo Double Ribbed Contact Grill
            Buffalo Ribbed Contact Grill
            Buffalo Single 5ltr Countertop Fryer
            Buffalo Twin Tank 2 x 5ltr Fryer
            Falcon 6 Burner Dominator Gas Oven with Castors
            Lincat Silverlink 600 Electric Oven Range
            Lincat Silverlink 600 Gas Chargrill
            Lincat Silverlink 600 Ribbed Dual Zone Electric Griddle
            Lincat Twin Tank Free Standing Electric Fryer
       Ovens & Ranges
            Blue Seal Convection Oven
            Blue Seal E31D4 Convection Oven
            Blue Seal G506D
            Buffalo Convection Oven 50ltr
            Falcon Dominator G3101
            Lincat Eco 9 Convection Oven
            Lincat Eco8 Convection Oven
            Lincat Lynx Convection Oven
            Lincat Opus Gas Range
       Combi Ovens
            Electrolux 6 Grid Electric Combi
            Hobart Bonnet Minijet Combi Oven
            Nano Combi Oven
       Dishwashers & Glasswashers
            Classeq D400 Undercounter Dishwasher
            Hydro 857 Dishwasher
            Engineer Services Now Available
            Lincat DF33 Electric Fryer
            Lincat DF66
            Lincat Fryer DF36
       Food Prep Machines
            Buffalo 9Ltr Mixer
            Buffalo Slicer 220mm
            IMC Potato Peeler
            Kenwood Chef Titanium XL Mixer
            KitchenAid K45 4ltr Mixer
            Robot Coupe R201 XL
            Robot Coupe R201 XL
            Robot Coupe R301
            Buffalo Counter Top Griddle
            Lincat Electric Chargrill
            Lincat Electric Griddle GS6
            Lincat Griddle GS3
            Lincat Lynx Griddle LGR
            Lincat Lynx LGR2
            Lincat Silverlink Gas Chargrill CG4
            Lincat Silverlink Gas Chargrill CG6
       Servery & Display
            Lincat 670 Series Hotcupboard
            Lincat Hot Cupboard Plain Top
            Moffat Twin Stack Heated Plate Dispenser
            Robot Coupe R201 XL
            Robot Coupe R201 XL
            Robot Coupe R301
            Waring Heavy Duty Stick Blender
            Waring Quik Stick
       Convection Ovens
            Devapo Midi
            Buffalo Programmable Microwave Oven 1000W
            Samsung CM1099
            Samsung Manual 1850W
            Samsung Programmable 1850w
            Sharp 1000W
            Sharp R1900M
       Contact Grills
            Buffalo Quartz Salamnder Grill
            Falcon G3532 Grill
            Lincat Lynx Pizza Chef Infra Red Grill
            Lincat Lynx Salamander Grill
            Lincat Silverlink Gas Salamander
            Lincat Silverlink GR3 Grill
       Beverage Machines
            Bravilor Novo Manual Coffee Machine
            Buffalo Manual Fill 10ltr Water Boiler
            Buffalo Manual Filter Coffee Machine
            Buffalo Soup Kettle Black
            Canteen Tea Pot
            Coffee Jug
            Expresso Coffee Machine
            Insulated Beverage Server
            Lincat Water Boiler EB3FX
            Olympia 12oz Milk Jug
            Olympia Airpot 1.9Ltr
            Olympia Double Juice Dispenser
            Olympia Stainless Steel Coffee Jug
            Olympia Stainless Steel Coffee Pot
            Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl
            Stainless Steel Tea Pot
            Stainless Steel Vacuum Jug
            Victorian Soup Kettle
            Zumex Professional Juicer
            Burco Conveyor Toaster
            Dualit 4 slot toaster
            Dualit Contact Toaster
            Engineer Services Now Available
            Lincat 4-slot Toaster LTX4
            Lincat 6 Slot Toaster LTX6
       Pizza Ovens
            King Edward Compact Potato Oven
            Lincat Double Pizza Oven
            Lincat Pizza Oven P069X
            Queen Victoria Potato Oven
       Panini Grills
            Buffalo Contact Grill Single
            Hallco Panini Grill
            Hallco Single Contact Grill 1600X
            Hallco Twin Panini
       Fly Zappers
            Easizap Insectocutor
       Accelerated Cooking Machines
            Foster Gastro Eco Pro Counter Refrigerator
            Foster Slimline Fridge
            Fridge or Freezer Thermometer
            Gram Compact 359ltr Fridge
            Gram Under Counter Refrigerator
            Hotel Room Mini Bar
            Polar 150ltr Under Counter Fridge
            Polar 400ltr Single Door Fridge White
            Polar Double Door Prep Counter Fridge 405Ltr
            Polar G-Series Double Door Counter Fridge 240Ltr
            Fridge or Freezer Thermometer
            Polar Single Door Freezer
       Fridge Freezers
            Fridge or Freezer Thermometer
       Display Refrigeration
            Fridge or Freezer Thermometer
            Jinny Display Counter
            Polar Display Unit
       Blast Chillers
            Foster 15kg Blast Chiller BCT 15-7
            Foster Xtra XR35 Blast Chiller
       Cold Rooms
            Foster Advance Walk In Fridge (Email for Quote)
            Foster Advantage Walk In Freezer
       Ice Machines
            Ice-O-Matic Bistro Ice Maker 40kg
            Ice-O-Matic Mains Fill Ice Machine 57kg
            Polar Counter Top Ice Machine 20kg
        Biodegradable Paper Staws
        Blue Roll Centrefeed
        Disposable Cup Carry Tray 2 (360)
        Disposable Cup Carry Tray 4 (160)
        Fiesta Green Compostable Coffee Cup & Lids (1000)
        Fiesta Recyclable Napkins 30x30cm (2000)
        Fiesta Red Napkins 33 x 33cm (2000)
        Kraft Recycled Napkins
        Toilet Roll
        Vegware Compostable Burger Boxes (500)
        Vegware Compostable Paperboard Food Cartons
Cleaning & Hygiene
       Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment
            Alcohol Free Wipes
            Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 500ml
            Antibacterial Cleaner 1ltr
            Black and Yellow Hazard Tape
            Catering Essentials Lemon Floor Gel
            Chemisphere Purple Beerline Cleaner 5ltr
            Cloths 20 x 30"
            Deluxe Washing Up Brush
            Disposable Polythene Aprons White
            Jantex Green Scourer (Pack 10)
            Jantex Mop Bucket
            Jantex Stainless Steel Scourer
            Mop Handle
            Mop Head
            Please Stand Behind This Line Floor Graphic
            Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves
            Probe Wipes
            Proton Glasswasher Rinseaid & Detergent
            Rubber Maid Step on Container
            Rubbermaid AutoFoam Refill Soap 500ml
            Rubbermaid Cleaning Trolley
            Rubbermaid Foam Hand Soap Dispenser 800ml
            Soap Pads
            Wet Floor Sign
            Wraparound Safety Glasses
            Bath Towel
       Waste Management
       Safety & Signs
            Blue First Aid kit
            First Aid Kit
            Hotel Room Safe
            Hygiplas Temp Probe
            Infra Red Probe
            Temperature Log Book
            Bolero Aluminium Chairs Arched Arms (Pack 4)
            Bolero Ash Wood Stacking Chairs (Pack 4)
            Bolero Wicker Armchairs Charcoal (Pack 4)
            Borelo Aluminium Stacking Chairs (Pack 4)
            Bolero Square Table 600mm
            Borelo Aluminium Bistro Table 600mm
            Folding Table 4ft
            Olympia Mendoza Wine Glasses 16oz (Pack 6)
       Commercial Kitchen
            Casio Cash Register
            Olivetti Cash Register
            Olivetti Till Roll
            Sharp Cash Register
            Till Rolls
       Outdoor, Folding & Events
            Cambro Front Loader 60Ltr
            Cambro Twin Front Loader
            Insulated Beverage Server (pack of 11)
            Insulated Pizza/Food Delivery Bag
            Rubbermaid Catermax 100
            Rubbermaid Top Load Carrier
            Thermo Box 1/1 Container
       Bar Stools
Special Offers
        Buffalo Contact Grill Single
        Burco Conveyor Toaster
        Engineer Services Now Available
        Falcon Dominator G3101
        Insulated Beverage Server (pack of 11)
        Kenwood Chef Titanium XL Mixer
        Polar Compact 2 Door
        Polar Display Unit
        Samsung Programmable 1850w
        Sharp R1900M
        Zumex Professional Juicer
Clothing & Footwear
        Black and White Check Baggies
        Butchers Apron
        Chef Baggies Blue and White Small Check
        Chef Jacket Long sleeve White
        Short sleeve chef jacket
        Slipbuster Shoe
        Trilby Hat